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One of People Objective’s goals is to raise awareness of and promote the work of Center for Employment Opportunities, Inc. (“CEO”). CEO is a non-profit organization that provides direct, immediate, and comprehensive employment services to people returning home from incarceration. It has 22 offices across 8 states and serves approximately 4,500 individuals each year. It is currently amidst a five-year strategic plan to double the number of people served to 9,000 annually. To learn more about CEO, please visit


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THE FINE PRINT: CEO supports People Objective’s goal to raise awareness about and advocate for people returning home from incarceration. Williams was previously employed at CEO as Director of the Columbus, Ohio office. In addition, Williams performed some consulting work for CEO after leaving his role as Columbus Director. Williams no longer provides any services to CEO, nor is he associated with CEO in any other capacity. CEO is an independent non-profit organization and has no direct or indirect control over the operations and control of People Objective.