With over 600,000 people returning home from incarceration each year nationwide, we need to collectively change how we treat each other. The Run for People will:

  • Document stories of people returning home from incarceration, social service agencies that have found unique success with their approach, and employers that adapted their system to create a fair chance for returning citizens.

  • Gain commitments from employers nationwide to employ people with criminal records.

  • Empower people re-entering society to persevere through barriers to achieve their goals.


Support is Crucial

“Reducing recidivism is critical for community safety; providing effective rehabilitation and skill development for those incarcerated and formerly incarcerated is critical to strengthening households and the economy."

Twelve Facts About Incarceration and Prisoner Reentry, The Brookings Institution


People Objective is producing a documentary to raise awareness for the state of justice re-entry in the United States. The production content of interviews with people, organizations, and businesses will be captured alongside of Cam’s run.

As Cam runs he will be meeting with businesses to gain commitments from employers across the United States. People are often denied from interviews due to their criminal records. A comprehensive list of fair-chance employers across the country will be a resource for re-entry job seekers.

Cam will hold four empowerment sessions for people coming out of incarceration throughout his run. People returning home from incarceration face extreme identity barriers in how they view themselves. Cam’s unique approach to breaking through negative self talk allows people to feel proud of who they are and can carry that confidence into their next job interview.